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Grupo Resonante was born from the need to unify all our brands and give our group its own identity. We focus on three areas of work:gastronomic experiences, lodging experiences and consulting.

Established in 2015 in Guadalajara by Ana Karen and Agustín Del Río, our mission is to create innovative spaces where design, experience and service are the pillars of each project we develop and where there is a culture of collaboration and support for local talent.

We host your best moments.


We create stories that you can eat, live and relive.


We build experiences that stay with you.


With the launch of several brands we have developed great expertise and a wide range of resources for consulting. We provide experience in many aspects of development and operations to ensure that our clients achieve their goals and vision.

We can help our clients from the development of concepts, restaurant design, financial model, menu style and spirit, as well as the construction of a brand, training personnel in systems, controls and service.

Passionate about telling stories.

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